Do you like tender beef? Do you prefer it to be juicy? Or tasty above all? What factors influence beef to be like this? How do I find my favorite beef, how do I order it? How do I cook it?

Like wine, beef has its varietals. Not all cuts of beef are the same. Every animal is different. What it eats, its age, its breed, the geographical environment in which it is raised and grows, its well-being, its processing and its subsequent treatment influence the final product we eat.

A Beef Sommelier is someone who helps discover those varietals to make the experience of eating Beef even more enjoyable. Many people know about beef and enjoy eating it. I want to help you enjoy it even more.

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Argentina has one of the best beef in the world.
It is something that very few dispute.

We eat a lot of beef. We know about beef.
It was time to have another point of view.

The Faculty of Veterinary Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires created the School of Beef Sommeliers and teaches a 9 months course in which during almost 90 hours of theoretical classes and 200 hours of practice you learn about the sensory analysis of beef, the different bovine breeds, their characteristics, the beef industry, meat markets and even history of human feeding.
It is unique in the world except for a shorter course taught in Austria.

I am a member of the first class of Beef Sommeliers from Argentina and, arguably, almost from the world.