Hands on

My proposal is that we experience and enjoy ourselves the differences that beef has to offer us.

To do this, in small groups of 8-10 people I explain the fundamental differences and give you useful information so that from now on you can choose even better your beef, like type of cuts, how to identify them and why use each of them. I explain the differences between breeds, categories and feeding, with their own characteristics. Then, of course, we taste and have fun with directed and blind tastings, where we will test our knowledge and skill, but with a lot of fun. You will tell me what you are trying.

I take a beefy party ending where the idea is to relax and enjoy a good wine, homemade bread and talk to complete a memorable experience. All with humor and good vibes.

Business meetings

Your boss came from abroad and the must-see is to go out and eat beef and the top places have their reservations taken for the whole month.

No problem. Call me and we organize a tasting at your house with the best beef on the market. The presentation is in English and the success is assured with good wine and bread. The guest will live a unique experience where quality and enjoyment prevail.